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Launch Your Brand Fast with AI Fashion Photoshoots: Cut Costs and Save Time with AI-Generated Images

Updated: Apr 20

Discover How a Brand Transformed Their Bedroom into a Stunning Santorini Summer and Sleek Studio Set—All for Less Than $0.85 Per Image!

The '$' Burden of Traditional Fashion Photography

Photoshoots form the visual backbone of a fashion brand, yet they present a matrix of challenges:

  • Financial Strain:

  • Americas: Costs range from $5,000 to $15,000 per shoot.

  • Europe: In fashion meccas like Paris or Milan, expect to shell out over €10,000 ($11,000).

  • India: Even in more affordable markets, you're looking at ₹1,50,000 to ₹3,00,000 ($2,000 to $4,000) in major cities.

  • Logistical Headaches: Finding the perfect venue and synchronizing the schedules of your creative team requires months of advanced planning. Add in the costs for transportation and accommodation, and the numbers just keep climbing.

  • Operational Hassles: Managing the bulky equipment—from lights to cameras and props—not only adds to your logistical nightmares but also leaves a substantial environmental footprint.

  • Human Resource Hurdles: The more people involved, the higher the risk of delays. Coordinating everyone's time is a precarious juggling act. These barriers hit new and smaller brands the hardest, draining resources that could fuel product development and marketing instead.

Case Study: A Spring Collection in 24 Hours

We recently worked with a brand to launch their entire spring collection. Within just 24 hours, Adstronaut provided 200 diverse, high-fashion images ready for immediate use in marketing and sales channels. The cost, turnaround time, and quality of the images were unparalleled, proving our AI solution’s effectiveness and efficiency.

From 'Apples' to 'AI-pples': Cost comparison of Traditional vs AI Photoshoots


Actual Photoshoot

Adstronaut AI

1) Model Cost

$500 - $2,000 per model


2) Photographer Costs

$1,000 - $5,000


3) Location and Venue Costs

$1,000 - $10,000


4) Travel and Accommodation

$10,000 - $30,000


5) Equipment Rental

$500 - $2,000


6) Stylist and Makeup Artist

$500 - $1,500 per person


7) Miscellaneous Costs

$1,000 - $5,000


Total Cost Range

$24,000 - $86,000

As low as $23.99


Create your account at and start designing your fashion photoshoots today. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Upload Images

  2. Select Your Model

  3. Choose Your Background

  4. Hit Generate!

Compare with your results side-by-side

Why Choose Adstronaut?

Efficiency: Say goodbye to the weeks of preparation traditional shoots demand. With Adstronaut, your shoot is ready in a day.

Cost-Effectiveness: Dramatically cut costs with our AI. Redirect those savings into enhancing your brand.

Customization Freedom: Tailor every aspect of your shoot with options that traditional setups can't offer without breaking the bank.

Scalability at a Click: Need 20 images or 2,000? Adjusting your output is just a few clicks away—no renegotiations or logistical nightmares.

Sustainability: Go green with digital setups that slash the environmental impact of traditional photoshoots.

Embrace the future of fashion photography with Adstronaut, where efficiency meets innovation, enabling you to create breathtakingly beautiful campaigns effortlessly and economically.

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