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Flatlays to Runway-Ready: How AI Transforms Your Product Photos

Updated: Apr 30

The AI Advantage: Why It's a Game-Changer for SMBs

Traditional photoshoots are expensive and time-consuming: hiring models, securing locations, the list goes on. For SMBs, this can be a significant roadblock. AI photo generation offers a powerful solution:

  • Goodbye Photoshoots: With AI, no need to plan shoots – just use those flatlay or ghost mannequin images you already have!

  • Diversity on Demand:  Generate models of different ethnicities, body types, and styles – ensuring your visuals resonate with a wider customer base.

  • Custom Backdrops:  Place your products on the beach, in city streets, or cozy cafes, all with a few clicks, attracting more attention.

But...Aren't AI Photos Fake?

You might be skeptical. It's true that earlier AI image tools were a bit rough around the edges. However, Adstronaut can produce stunningly realistic results. Don't take my word for it; let's look at an example:

The difference is night and day! Today's tools create realistic clothing folds, textures, and model poses.

Your Step-By-Step Guide

Let's break down how to get started. Here is how you can use Adstronaut to convert your flat lays, ghost-mannequins and mannequins into full-fledged photoshoots.

  • Click Your Images: For best results, use high-quality flatlay, mannequin or clothing on a hanger with clear backgrounds. Avoid overly cluttered shots.

  • Upload: You can upload up to 20 pieces of apparel at once

  • Choose Your Model:  Chose from more than 'two dozen' license free AI models available on our platform.

  • Set the Scene: Choose from pre-made backgrounds (A Parisian Street, nature, etc.), or go simple with our studio backdrop.

  • Generate: Once you have uploaded your products, and made the necessary selections, just hit 'GENERATE' and sit back while we generate and carefully Quality Check every generation for you and deliver it right to your mailbox.

With Adstronaut you can generate upto '200' images in <24 hours 🤯🤯🤯

The Business Case: It Just Makes Cents

Let's talk numbers. A single photoshoot can easily cost a small business several thousand dollars. Compare that to Adstronaut's AI tool subscription at a fraction of the price. But the savings are only one part of the equation.

Studies show that on-model product imagery can increase conversions significantly. When shoppers can envision themselves wearing your clothes, they're far more likely to click 'Buy'.


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